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UPDATED – Just in time for the last QP of the year, it’s … Peter MacKay’s $1,452 a night hotel tab?

December 15, 2011
Courtesy of those ever-industrious ATIP dataminers at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation comes the opposition-outrage-ready revelation that Defence Minister Peter MacKay racked up thousands of dollars in hotel bills during trips to Munich and Istanbul last year. 

From the CTF release: 

Defence Minister Peter MacKay charged taxpayers $2,904 for a two-night stay at the luxurious Bayerischer Hof when he went to a security conference in Munich, Germany in February of 2010. MacKay arrived in Munich after attending an informal meeting of NATO defence ministers in Turkey, where he billed taxpayers $2,310 for a three-night stay at Istanbul's Ceylon Intercontinental Hotel. At $1,452 and $770 a night respectively, these room tabs go far beyond what most taxpayers would consider reasonable. 

 In Munich, MacKay's staff stayed at the Munich Park Hilton, an eight-minute cab ride away, for $239 a night. In Istanbul, MacKay's staff stayed in the same hotel, but paid $276 per night.

Read the full post -- and check out the supporting documents -- right here.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out that, as far as the Munich stopover, MacKay was actually staying at the same "luxurious" hotel where the conference was being held, although it's worth noting that his staff were apparently able to find accommodation within cabbing distance.